Got a little deeper into the transmission than I had hoped to today. Nate at Sullivan’s pulled it. The Torque converter I put into it was not sized right and we had beat up the pump pretty bad. We’d been keeping an eye out on the front aluminum hub for a couple of years now and we’ve decided to put it back to an iron piece. Little speed bump in the highway to hell but we are still headed home with this thing.

Right now guessing the pads on the converter were too thick and pressed the converter too hard against the input shaft wrecking the

pump. Converter has had some metal in it, debating on having it gone through.

Aluminum hub in the iupper left is probably a good  drag racer only idea but for street uses we figure an iron piece will be more durable.

We didn’t have enough hours on the tranny to put any burn on the clutches.

Here is the hub we are replacing

View down inside the open Transmission

My theory is that the converter pressure on the input shaft might have also resulted in pressure back up into the crank, fouling the reluctor wheel and taking out my LQ9…Just a theory.

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