Corbeau Forza Seats

I have been wanting aftermarket seats for years. Even realizing the GTO seats are better than most of what I could get, I still wanted something lighter and with a different look. SNL had a Camaro in with Corbeau Forza Wide Seats. I sat in one and my butt actually slipped in and out without a lot of friction. So I looked around for several months and finally decided there was never going to be any used ones come up that someone wasn’t trying to rob everyone with. I just up and bought one from Racing Seats USA in Delhi.

I got one with the double locking slider and a Planted bracket for GTO Driver’s side, the Corbeau GTO brackets were on back order. Do not buy universal brackets unless you can weld. So the total delivery comes in two boxes and for a little under $425 bucks I am the daddy of a Corbeau Forza seat. I put it together in my office just to look at. Eventually I stubbed my toe and got mad and installed it. So here we go.

First problem was of course getting the old seat out. I have done this recemtly and it wasn’t much of a problem.

Next thing was to turn the seat upside down and remover the base mount and the harness

The PIR on the right in the picture is the key part, it is hooked to the sensor that tells if there is a butt in the seat and to the belt buckle that trells it if the ass is buckled in.

This is the secret sauce, it is between the seat cover material and the foam cushion on the seat bottom, Dig it out carefully.

This is the PIR and those two wires are the ones that do all the work.

This little sensor hooks to the PIR and lies on the foam seat between the foam and the cover. it is what senses someone in the seat with the belt buckled.
The little plastic frame is attached to the seat frame and the harness is attached to it. Many of the harness connectors drive the forward, backward, up, down motors so ther eis not need to hook them up. The ones from the PIR work on the airbags and the seatbelt. so I hooked them upScooted the loose wires under the frame, got to figure out a neater way to do it. I did tie them so they won’t flop around.
Four bolts and she’s in
All the other lights are on but know airbag light. The seat belt alarm works too.

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