What a Weekend

Had some cooling problems with the car last week. That erodes confidence and increases stress. Finally figured out it was the ECT Sensor The wires were exposed to the turbos and the unit was just bad. When that happens it returns an inconsistent reading to the computer. When the computer receives an inconsistent reading it starts trying to correct things. When things aren’t wrong and the computer tries to correct things, well it just ends up a bad day. So anyhow got that fixed and the coolant temperature is stable.

I have ordered a larger radiator to help cool it down more though. At any rate took the car to the first outing on Friday night at Coit and 190 in Plano. Lot’s of people there figured I didn’t even have a car and sort of thought I was just some old dude hanging around with hippie stories from the 60’s. Vindication felt great.

Coit and 190 drive through 07112014

Saturday we decided to take her to the GTG at Kellers. Keller’s is a further stretch from the house down into Dallas. Was worried about the temps and having enough fuel to get there and back, we are running it on alcohol. So made it there okay but there was no parking and the temps rose as we cruised through the lot so just made a pass and came home.



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