Leash Boost Controller

As I understand it, the boost controller gives you a variable spring in the wastegate. It is a gate pressure controller actually. Some people even do not run springs in wastgegates when they have boost controllers. The controller creates pressure in the wastegate. That pressure either comes from Manifold pressure or Co2. The pressure in the wastegates called Gate Pressure actually performs the same function as springs do except, the gate pressure control makes it more accurate and you have a broader ability to set the gate curves differently.

The Boost Leash has a launch stage that you program the desired launch psi. It has 5 time based stages that start after the launch input is activated and released. The 5 stages have time delay, rate of pressure increase, and psi for each stage.

There is also a datalog screen that datalogs the time, boost and Gate psi curve so you can see what the pressure curve looks like which aids in tuning.

Without the boost controller and with 18 lbs springs in the gates, we had a hard time building boost on the line, foot and transbreaking would result in so much building it blew the tires completely away. Driving the car on the street was like holding a loaded shotgun to your balls, It you nailed it and threw 26 lbs of boost at it all at once, even at 100 MPH the car would break the tires loose and scare the shit out of me, ask me how I know this. The boost controller gives us a chance to set up track friendly boost curves or stages with curves. Leaving 4 lbs boost springs let the car default to about 5-10 lbs of boost which is manageable. On a prepped track we can bring boost in fast but not like the supercharger did. We can manage it to what the track will hold. At least that is the theoiry. I probably won’t be driving around playing with it on the street, it will really come into play at the track.


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