Dialing Her In and Updating Her

We were very excited after the 9.29 @ 154 pass. We pushed her a little too hard and destroyed a couple of spark plugs. So now we are getting a head job done. Should be finished in a week. Chris Nichols at GForce Engineering also stepped up and found us some solid subframe bushings that will help us stop the car from being so squirrel y on the launch. We still have some work to do on the Boost control and the two step but cannot resolve those until we get the car to hook up. We are going to look at dropping in a 3.25 gear and the Kilduff Lightning Rod Shifter while we are at it. Trapping above 150 tends to point out a lot of weaknesses. One such problem was the weatherstripping around the windshield which the wind tended to tear out. Scared ten years off of James as it blew loose and flapped in the wind at 150ish. We temporarily taped the weatherstripping but need to find a better long term solution. Likewise, the rubber bumper cover began to tear off at the high speeds. I used washers and screws to bolt the up but will replace that with 1/4 turn fasteners.  Finally we are going to make a serious effort to get the rollbar sorted out by improving the door post mounts.


GForce Engineering Subframe Busings

GForce Engineering Subframe Bushings-2

Ethyl Waiting on Her Heads

Plug Failure

Gained lots of room eliminating cruise control

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