Camera Mount

wrp n Ethyl Camera Mount

The wrp n Ethyl Camera mount is an effective and low cost solution to performance automotive  video  camera needs. It was developed to provide limited control over camera  functions and aim without resorting to laborious adjustments and tweaking. This makes it possible to capture the activities without a delay normally required to set up a camera. The mount incorporates a simple tripod head design that all standard cameras with 1/4 by 20 threaded mounting screws can use. The mount is even compatible with GoPro mounting assemblies allowing the user to produce more effective in car video taping of driver activities. The camera mounts are made from 6061 aluminum. They are available for $60 plus shipping. These camera mounts fit 2004-2006 GTOs and Dodge Charger/Challengers. If you are interested in a wrp n Ethyl Camera Mount please fill out the contact form below. Set the email address to Ensure you put the words Camera Mount in the subject line of the email.

Mount on GTO Seat

GTO Seat Mount

Charger SRT8 Mount


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