Cog Drive

As we pushed the car for more and more belt slippage became an issue. Worse, when the accessory drive was tied to the drive belt, then loss of the belt meant the car most likely needed to be towed home. Steve went back to the drawing board and put together a fabricated cog drive system, separating the drive belt from the accessory belt and using a Procharger Cog drive on the whipple. The result was awesome. With an added 50 shot of Nitrous the car made 969 rwhp and 1110 rwtq.

The Whipple suffered from a lack of supporting components. while the 4.0 Whipple worked fine on the Ford Mustang with the crusher intake, we started with a homemade intake and eventually upgraded to a CBM intake. We still had high IAT’s, it seems we just couldn’t get enough air into it. We didn’t have effective tuning and the Cog drive was just too aggressive for a street application. By the time we had outgrown the Whipple, most of those issues were solved and a very exciting 4.0 option was offered for the COPO Camaro.

Cog Drive on the Dyno

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