Driving home from our track dial in one of the turbo chargers failed. It appears the failure was catastrophic, beyond just the Turbo charger itself. When we got the LQ9 ouor the crank was hosed, the reluctor wheel shot, the damper was welded to the crank snout and one of the cylinder walls had a scratch.

Crankshaft snout

We ordered a new LSx block with pistons and a new Callies Crank, hoping to go to a 427 Ci motor with a 10:1 compression which we felt like would not be too much for the small bore cathedral port heads. Unfortunately an accident at the machine shop scrapped that plan and we now have a 434 Cubic Inch motor with flattop pistons and an 11:1 CR. The good news is that I can go back to NA with this car and still have a heck of a lot of fun.

While the motor was sitting at the engine builder’s we sent the two Precision 6266’s to Reed at Works Turbocharger to go through, check the setup, and rebuild if necessary. both of the turbo chargers were brand new units. The driver’s side had on a few hours on it and the passenger’s side had less than thirty minutes of run time. Reed estimated that one more dyno pull and there would have been a catastrophic failure in the newest unit. The writing was on the wall that the Precision units were not going to cut it so Reed replaced the entire central rotating assembly, cutting out the Precision Bearing housings and putting a Borg Warner rotating assembly in place with American made bearings and bearing housings.

Turbos back from Work Turbocharger

We found the FAST 102 split once we got the LQ9 apart and FAST graciously warrantied the runners which had split due to whatever event killed the crankshaft and turbo. We replaced the FAST with a Victor Junior Intake and Aaron’s elbow. Specialized Coatings in Arlington did the coating and coordinated them with the LSx block color. We are looking forward to getting this on the road.

Vic Jr intak with Aaron Elbow

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  1. Jeff McManus says:

    Can’t wait to see her up an running again Bill!

  2. Stang2Goat says:

    I believe in Ethyl…n WRP.

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