Fuel System

Boost Referenced Regulator

Aeromotive Regulator

Initial upgrades to the fuel system included addition of a FAST 92 and increase in injector sizeFuel System to 36 lbs. Once we went to the Harrop and the 402 we stepped up to a full return system with a modified tank, Aeromotive A1000 pump, pre and post filters, Aeromotive regulator and Siemens 83 lbs injectors. The return was plumbed to come back through the OEM -6 AN line. The A1000 was plumbed for a -10 AN line that split to feed the rails via 2 -8 AN lines. The unique sump provided by the GTO spare tire area provided a good gravity feed option to the pump. We were running pump gas through this system to feed the Harrop and the 402.

Aeromotive Eliminator A1000 Fuel Pump

As we continued to raise the bar going to the 4.0 Liter Whipple we had two problems, fuel temperature and capacity. We went to E85 which required us to add ID/Bosch 2000 Injectors. This combination kept up until about 1000 rwhp.

ID/Bosch 2000 Injectors

When we reached 1000+ rwhp we needed more fuel so we went to the Aeromotive Eliminator Pump and the AE Fuel controller. After playing with that some we added a boost referenced Boost a pump to round the system out. That has held up to 1145 rwhp. The new 434 Ci build will likely stress that as we hope to get closer to 1400 rwhp.

Aeromotive Eliminator, AE Fuel Controller, and BAP

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