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SNL Performance has long been heavily engaged in Turbocharged applications and we really wanted to apply the same level of effort to a Twin Turbo Setup with as much passion as we put the Whipple package together. Steve Addison of SNL studied the twin turbo applications found in some of the rear mount technology and the APS kits. Over the years we have helped customers with Twin Turbos replace kit designs with larger turbos, we’ve ported Turbos and accomplished a dozen other tweaks. In many cases constraints in the customer goals limited the outcomes. On this build for Ethyl, Steve made a special effort to understand my goals and then set out to have my fabrication done in a manner that is consistently high in quality and easily repeatable.

We chose to fabricate the installation so that it fit the existing 2004 GTO (we call her ethyl). We did not want to spend a large amount of time moving brake lines and electrical fuze boxes. If you are looking for exotic and innovative ways to tuck the ABS, we were not interested in solving the problem so you won’t see it emerge here. My goals are somewhat more modest than with the Whipple. I was looking for a solid performing car in the 800 rwhp range with improved reliability and that we do not have to accomplish custom fabrication for the core system components beyond the initial Turbo build.

What we wound up with was a 9.2 second 1/4 mile beast that was well on the way to an 8 second pass when tragedy struck. Ethyl is gone now and we are moving on to another project. The new project will be a Factory Five 33 Ford.

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